Friday, May 1, 2015


Progress Report

I have been working on a 50-60 page comic which I plan to release in October. It's the longest project I have ever worked on and it is certainly taking a long time. I'm very excited to be working on something of this magnitude. The amount of work going into this means I won't be cranking out minis this year, however, some of the characters live in their own mini comics which will be included with the finished project. I have a decent chunk of the penciling done at this point. Here are a few pages with no context:


INTRUDER now featuring blah blah blavis

  I contributed a page to the most recent Intruder Comics Newspaper. It's great to have a comic in print next to such talented friends like Scott Travis, Max Clotfelter, James Stanton, Justin Quinlan, Brittany Kusa and so many more. The Intruder is a free publication available at many comic shops in Seattle and some places out of town as well. If you're not in the city and you'd like to receive Intruders you can subscribe here. Also, if you attend virtually any indy comic or zine fest in the u.s. you'll most likely find an Intruder there handing out free copies.